INFO: About me, soaps and charms.

About me:

Welcome! My name is Desiree and I am the owner of Crescent Pandantic. I started this company in 2020 in Houston, Texas. I have been making polymer clay charms and soap making for a long time. As a matter of fact, I have always been worried about the chemicals we put into our skin care, food, etc. so I was introduced to soap making through online forums and I loved the idea of knowing what goes inside my soap. As far as charms go, I love creating things and being able to wear them and express myself. I am a fan of Halloween, video games, movies, etc so you'll probably see those here. 

Soap Info

My soap ingredients are very simple. I use a basic recipe of Olive Oil and Coconut Oil and essential oils. On some soaps, I will add shea butter or cocoa butter. All in all, the basic ingredients will be olive oil and coconut oil.  Make sure to check out the descriptions on each soap. Some have special benefits like extra moisturizing and extra lather. 

I recommend using the soap within 6 months. After that the scents tend to fade away. BUT, it will still keep you clean. 


Polymer Clay

My polymer clay charms are made using clay from brands of Sculpey or Fimo. Each item is made by hand. I try to make sure each item is created the same but of course there are some slight slight changes. So keep in mind each item is individual.  Some of these charms are glazed and covered in resin. Please make sure to handle with care. Thank you.